Trifonic Exclusively at Audio Suite!

  • Update: 01/06/2010

In June 2010 Audio Suite Conducted a one of a kind workshop in ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION, featuring TRIFONIC.

Brian Trifon (TRIFONIC) from the U.S (San Francisco) held a 3 day workshop on how to make Pro Electronic Music Tracks (DANCE, TRANCE, HOUSE, EXPERIMENTAL...) as well as how to create original Sounds and Sound effects for Audio Production.

His credits include tracks and sound design for:

  • The very well known game: Assasin's Creed II
  • TV Series and Programs like:
    • CSI
    • Scrubs
    • Top Gear
    • ...

The program included:

  • Beats: how to program, layer and edit beats Bass: how to create various bass sounds, how to make a bassline that interacts but does not interfere with your beat.
  • Leads: how to create an interesting "hook." Explore different types of lead sounds from simple plucks to trance-gate leads.
  • SFX/pads: How to create transitional FX, side-chained pads and subtle glitch FX.
  • Misc: Arrangement ideas, performance ideas...

Who is Trifonic?

Trifonic is the San Francisco based electronic act fueled by sibling duo Brian and Laurence Trifon.

Famous for their seamless fusion of experimental production wizardry with intimate melodies and traditional song structures, TRIFONIC combines elements of downtempo electronica, IDM, post-rock, and classical music to create a deep, lush musical experience distinctly their own. In addition to garnering a dedicated fan base, Trifonic has drawn accolades from its peers in the electronic music world.

Trifonic's track "Parks On Fire" is featured on Hybrid's mix album Soundsystem 01 (Nettwerk/Hope Recordings, 2008), along with tracks by Massive Attack, Trentemuller, Sasha, and Hybrid. The group's music is featured in Apple's online QuickTime gallery, and was used for the launch of Sony's PlayStation Home. TRIFONIC has routinely licensed music to film, TV shows, and advertisements, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS, 2007), Top Gear (BBC, 2009), and One Tree Hill (2009), among others.

In late 2009, Trifonic launched Next Step Audio (also on Facebook), a video blog presenting in-depth electronic music production tutorials created by the duo. Next Step Audio was recently spotlighted on industry site Create Digital Music (also on Facebook).

TRIFONIC is currently at work on a new release and several unannounced projects.

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