Audionamix: AAX Audio Source Separation Magic for Pro Tools

  • Update: 01/08/2017

Audionamix has collaborated with Avid since 2014 to offer audio separation tools and services to Avid customers that can best be described as magic.

They are globally recognized experts in the art of audio source separation – pulling apart vocal or melodic content from a mix so precisely and so free of artifacts that content owners, producers and engineers can deliver new versions of music and soundtracks that sonically part company with the originals. Whether the goal is restoration, rearrangement of vocal and melodic content or spatial repositioning, Audionamix customers can revive existing recordings and discover fresh audiences and new opportunities by transforming their original work. Content owners, engineers, producers, and artists can create new musical arrangements, and unlock television and movie assets for expanded distribution.

Audionamix: AAX Audio Source Separation Magic for Pro Tools

“I was excited to collaborate with Audionamix on developing the innovative ADX VVC plug-in. It’s unprecedented for any plug-in to provide volume and pan control for a vocal from within a track that is already mixed and mastered. I look forward to our next collaboration.”
— Guillaume Jeulin, founder/CEO Blue Cat Audio

At Avid, we enjoy getting to know new developers and listening to their new AAX plug-ins in action. In late 2014, as Product VP and COO of Audionamix, Rick Silva met with our solutions team in a global webcast to showcase ADX technology, and share with us that this unique technology is at the heart of all Audionamix services and production tools. Our uniform response was, “how did they do that?”

Artifacts of every unpleasant variety removed from mono music recordings more than 50 years old. Vocals isolated as if it were a new recording or vocals attenuated to make it practically impossible to know that they were ever there. Their brilliant engineers in Paris, together with the Audionamix production and product team in Los Angeles, showed us a demo of audio separation that was and remains state of the art.

For Pro Tools, Audionamix offers AAX versions of two essential processes: Vocal Volume Control, which provides total volume and panning control of a vocal track and melodic content in a master mix, and Speech Volume Control, which gives independent volume control over both speech and the background elements in a final mix. Together, these two AAX Plug-Ins deserve to be automatic purchases for anyone who is working with vocal and melodic content in music production or tackling tedious dialogue editing or restoration during post production.

Audionamix: AAX Audio Source Separation Magic for Pro Tools
Audionamix: AAX Audio Source Separation Magic for Pro Tools

The ADX Vocal Volume Control (VVC) plugin is a unique solution for controlling volume level, and pan position of a lead vocal from within a final mono or stereo master mix. It uses the same automatic pitch detection and multi-algorithmic VEX technology as offered in premium solutions like ADX TRAX, and provides a simple, elegant user interface that allows +12dB to -12dB of volume control and 60% Right – Left pan position placement of the melodic content within a file.

The ADX Speech Volume Control (SVC) plug-in provides independent volume level control over both speech and background elements within a mono or stereo mix. Lower the level of background noise within troublesome production audio, or easily boost dialogue levels without requiring access to stems or the full multitrack session. SVC is easy to use. Its elegant interface and simple controls provide access to advanced separation algorithms and standard volume sliders. The brand new, integrated Consonants Detection algorithm automatically identifies and separates difficult noisy consonants. Speech Setting presets can be used to easily target typical male, female and child speech frequency ranges. Finally, the new version 1.5 is a free upgrade offering processing of a full hour of content vs. seven minutes in its predecessor.

Audionamix: AAX Audio Source Separation Magic for Pro Tools

“Audionamix has always been thrilled to participate with Avid across their range of marketing services, from Avid Connect to Avid Marketplace and the AES Partner Pavilion. My new role with Audionamix allows me to focus on our pro services and licensing, as well as key partner relations with major companies in the pro audio space. The upcoming promotion with Avid will help thousands of new Pro Tools users to discover the new opportunities available through the Audionamix AAX plug-ins and the other unique solutions and services we offer.”
— Rick Silva, Audionamix Consultant – Pro Services and Licensing


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