Audio Suite at Digidesign's Headquarter in Daly City, California

  • Update: 01/11/2007

Our representative at MEAS Miss Carole Issa has visited Digidesign''s headquarter in November 2007 at Daly City in California to follow a personalized training on the ICON D-Control.

Miss Carole Issa was officially given an Expert ICON Instructor certificate, making her again the first and only Expert certified Icon instructor now in the Middle East Area.

Her training was conducted by Mr Robert Campbell, a 10-year veteran and former hardware product manager for Digidesign and in the presence of Mr Andy Cook who is managing worldwide the training and education program and Mr Mark Altin in charge of the curriculum logistics.

Details about the 310 I course that will soon be available at MEAS:

New Comprehensive course provides in-depth, hands-on ICON training soon at MEAS

The Digidesign ICON integrated console environment has become the most in-demand mixing platform at major post-production and music recording facilities around the world, and if you''re looking to move your ICON skills way ahead of the pack, now''s the perfect time to become a Certified ICON Mixer.

Digidesign is introducing a new educational program that offers in-depth, hands-on ICON D-Control training by Digidesign-certified ICON instructors. Pro Tools 310I: Advanced ICON Mixing Techniques provides proper comprehensive training, allowing you to gain invaluable insight and knowledge of ICON, the D-Control worksurface, and its integration with Pro Tools. It will also quickly elevate your ICON skills to a level that typically takes much longer when self taught. Plus, you''ll acquire all of the expertise necessary to unleash the creative power of ICON as you shape and sharpen your skills for prime time in the industry.

The Pro Tools 310I program is being offered in a variety of different training options, including expert-level certification as a Certified ICON Mixer, at Digidesign headquarters, training locations around the world, or even at your own studio. Stay current with industry trends and technologies by signing up for training today.

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