27 October 2016

Ableton has just released a new feature for their iOS apps, Live Set Export allows users to transfer sounds from their music apps to Ableton Live.

26 October 2016

Avid have announced the release of Sibelius | First 8, the latest iteration of the “lite” version of their best-selling Sibelius software.

20 October 2016

Focusrite is giving more power to the people with the release of Focusrite Control, a new and free iOS app that allows mobile control across a multitude of Focusrite audio interfaces.

28 October 2016

Apple has unveiled the long-awaited new MacBook Pro, which arrives with the usual claim that it's the thinnest, lightest and most powerful version yet.

15 December 2015

A fan of classic EQs, 12-time Grammy Award-winner Rafa Sardina reports his modern favorite is the Manley Massive Passive stereo four-band EQ, which he describes as "like a Pultec on steroids."

03 November 2016

Engineer and producer Michael Beinhorn recently used Manley's Reference Cardioid Tube Microphone throughout a tracking project with Dutch band Kensington.

22 October 2016

Rick Allen, whose music, sound effects and sound design appear in films, radio, TV, games and ads, has been using Tascam remote recorders for his work.

13 September 2016

Since moving to a subscription model with Pro Tools 12, Avid have produced a steady stream of incremental updates, and the latest 12.6 version introduces some intriguing enhancements to the core audio editing functionality.

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